Bad Girlfriend Posepack ~ Thank you all for following me! <3 

It’s about time I release some more poses and I’m really excited about these. I really like all of them so I thought I would share with all of my beautiful followers!  

- Pose list compatible
- Took out #4 cause it looked weird even after I messed with it (8 total poses)
- You may need OMSP for these poses

- Do not claim as your own or reupload. I will cut you. 
- Do not modify my poses in any way shape or form. I’ll cut you again. 
- Tag me using my poses and it’s an automatic reblog! I love seeing how you use them! 

Pose codes are in order with pictures: 
a_avalon_p1 (bonus pose)

Inbox is open if you have any questions, WCIFs, or comments! Thanks again guys I love you all! <3 



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